April 8, 2008

Dear Friends,

In a very exciting development, Anna and John Sie, the founders of the Anna & John J. Sie Foundation, and Michelle Sie Whitten, the President of the Sie Foundation, have given “The Senate In Balance TM” a Challenge Grant in which they and the Democracy & Media Education Foundation (“DMEF”) have unconditionally agreed to fully match (i.e., 100%) any donations made to the project.

This dollar-for-dollar match means that every dollar you contribute will be doubled by an identical combined contribution to the project by the Sie Foundation (67%) and the DMEF (33%). We are seeking a total of $150,000 in matching funds so as to qualify for $100,000 from the Sie Foundation and an additional $50,000 via the efforts of the Democracy & Media Education Foundation.

We are humbled by the generosity of the Anna & John J. Sie Foundation and the wonderful support we are receiving from all members of the extended Sie Family --- a truly extraordinary group of people who care about our country and see “The Senate In Balance TM” as one way to begin to improve politics in America.

Please donate now by clicking here or by sending a check to our production company or to the charitable organization supporting this initiative, per the addresses below. You also may contribute via PayPal or with a credit card.

Mr. Zachary Adler, Producer


Post Office Box 17143

Boulder, CO 80308-0143

(303) 666-6161


Mr. Matthew R. Silverman, Treasurer


3195 11th Street

Boulder, CO 80304-2527

(303) 915-4518


USA Talk Network usually gives Sponsors promotional benefits in exchange for their support of the programs. Donors who underwrite programming also receive special recognition.

Any payment made directly to USA Talk Network usually is tax-deductible as a regular business expense for advertising or promotional purposes. Any payment made to the Democracy & Media Education Foundation usually is tax-deductible as a regular charitable contribution.

Please consult your Tax Advisor to ensure your selection maximizes the tax benefits available to you at this time or if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Double Your Money! Sie Challenge Grant